What is Payday Advertising?


We pay drivers for putting advertisements on their vehicle.

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We drive mobile billboards to their target markets.

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How does Payday Advertising Work?

How does Payday Advertising work?

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Payday Advertising pays drivers for putting temporary ads on their personal vehicle. Also, Payday Ads matches drivers with businesses that want to advertise in areas those drivers already travel through on a regular basis. We help you find the right drivers with the right vehicles for your marketing campaign. Furthermore, we help you choose advertising solutions and design the vehicle ad.
Additionally, our advertising platform provides businesses and organizations with the ability to track conversions and calculate their campaign’s ROI. Because we collect important info from our drivers, we can target customers more efficiently and less expensively compared to billboards.

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Best Ad Combo = Radio + Billboards

Payday Advertising - Car Wrap Advertising
95.3 CFX Radio Station - Contact Sales Team

Payday Advertising has Partnered with 95.3 CFX Radio to Offer Bundled Services

Payday Advertising has completed a deal with 95.3 CFX Radio to provide our advertising client base with a fresh take on the best combination in advertising – Radio & Billboards. Contact the 95.3 CFX Advertising Sales Team to learn how you can utilize the most effective, eye-catching and innovative ad campaigns to help grow your business. 

Contact 95.3 CFX Sales Team

Payday Advertising has Partnered with Stargazer Transportation Taxi Service

Payday Advertising is proud to announce that you can now advertise your business on Stargazer Transportation’s Taxis, exclusively through Payday Advertising. Get your advertisement driven around town for over 8,000 miles per month.

  • Over 15 Vehicles Available
  • Two Buses Available
  • Vehicles Average 8,000-10,000 Miles Traveled Per Month
    • Medical Transport During Day
    • Bar & Nightlife Transportation at Night
    • Open 24/7 & Holidays

    Foster Closet of Michigan’s campaign with Payday Advertising has launched!

    Keep an eye out for their ad on a Stargazer Transportation taxi

    “People mention they see The Foster Closet of Michigan ad on the taxi van often! We have had our busiest month ever (since opening 3.5 years ago) and I really believe that having the ad on the van has helped! We see it driving around Mt. Pleasant and know it really helps get our name out there! Thank you so much!”Holly, Foster Closet of Michigan

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    Payday Advertising’s Mobile Billboard Platform

    Database of Drivers

    Every day there are people driving in areas that businesses and organizations are already targeting with their marketing campaigns. Those same people are often looking for ways to make some extra money each month, but can’t always find the time. Payday Advertising has built a database of these drivers and adds to it daily. Our company uses the database to match drivers willing to turn their vehicle into advertising space for organizations that run marketing campaigns targeting areas along the routes those drivers travel each day.

    Identify Target Markets

    Payday Advertising works with our advertising clients to identify what areas and demographics they’re looking to target. We do this using enterprise level marketing databases to analyze which areas have the proper demographics for a marketing campaign. Then, we find drivers who commonly drive along routes in the advertiser’s targeted areas. Also, we have systems in place to verify the drivers don’t carry any negative sentiments about the company or organization they’ll be advertising on their vehicle.

    Security & Quality Assurance

    As part of our driver matching process, Payday Advertising runs background checks on our drivers. Also, our team verifies driving habits, confirms vehicles meet our guidelines, and determine if drivers have negative opinions of the brand being advertised on their vehicle. Additionally, we offer drivers the chance to opt out of advertising for companies before starting a vehicle advertising campaign.

    Vehicle Ad Solutions

    Our advertising solutions range from vehicle magnets to large vinyl decals to full vehicle wraps. If the advertising package requires installation, such as vinyl decals and vehicle wraps, we partner with professional shops, to to get the advertisement installed. All vehicle wraps for drivers in the central Michigan and mid Michigan area are completed by our premier partner, E & S Graphics. We encourage our advertising clients to use one of the ad solutions that verify when an ad impression leads to a conversion or sale, such as our mobile text promotions.

    Campaign Launch

    The Payday Advertising sales team assists our clients through the process of planning, launching and analyzing a mobile billboard advertising campaign. After we have determined the budget, timeframe, objectives and other key variables of the marketing campaign, the advertisement package is selected. Then, the ad is designed, proofed and edited to our client’s satisfaction. Based on the geographic areas targeted and habits of our drivers, vehicles for the campaign are selected. Next, ads are delivered to the selected drivers or installed by one of our professional mobile billboard installation specialists. After ads have been installed, the campaign is approved and launched.

    Data Analytics

    Monthly reports are provided to our clients containing information on the number of miles driven by each driver for your campaign. Additionally, many of our ad solutions offer a Conversion Tracker option which means advertisers can track when their advertisement converts into a sale. Payday Ads encourages our clients to add this feature to campaigns, so they can calculate their return on the marketing campaign. We’re currently in the process of developing mobile applications to track drivers’ advertising routes and report driver performance.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Driver FAQs

    Payday Ads pays drivers for putting advertisements for local businesses or organizations on their vehicle.
    Applying is simple. Interested drivers visit PaydayAdvertising.com and click on “Drive For Us” on the top right-hand side of the webpage. The application process is quick and easy to complete. This will give us a better understanding of which campaign best fits your driving patterns.
    To drive for Payday Advertising the driver and vehicle must pass the following guidelines:
    -Fully insured vehicle
    -Valid driver’s license
    -Clean driving record
    -Passed background check
    -Vehicle with single color paint
    -No easily visible rust on vehicle
    You can apply anytime through our website, by completing this form. After submitting your application, if you meet all of our guidelines, you’re added to our Vehicle Inventory, which means when we help businesses search for vehicles that fit their marketing campaign, yours will be available. Once you’re selected by a business for a campaign, we notify you and if you accept the campaign, then the installation or delivery of the ad is scheduled.
    When driving for Payday you can expect to earn about $100/month. However, the exact amount depends on details of the marketing campaign, such as duration, area and the type of advertisement put on your vehicle.
    The ad placement on your vehicle will depend upon the request from the company advertising. You will know the details of the ad placement before being able to accept or reject the campaign. The most common locations are doors and side windows.
    The advertisement needs to remain on your vehicle for the duration of the campaign. You’ll be aware of the duration of the campaign before accepting or rejecting it. Our campaigns last at least 1 month, but can last for up to 6 months.
    We will send you any advertising opportunities for which you’ve been selected by an advertiser. However, drivers always have the option to reject the campaign opportunities that we forward to you. We are also working on ways to match drivers with companies and organizations they’re already passionate about.

    Advertiser FAQs

    Payday Ads finds drivers that drive through your target markets and offers them the opportunity to advertise your company on their personal vehicle. We also work hard to ensure the drivers promoting your image on their vehicle are both passionate about your company or organization and a responsible fully insured driver.
    Each driver is required to submit their typical driving habits — average miles per day, typical routes taken for work or school, number of miles driven on weekend, etc..
    Once we learn our drivers’ habits, we can estimate the number of impressions your campaign will attract. We send each business monthly reports of the estimated impressions and other relevant data.
    The drivers that will run your campaign are qualified individuals, that pass a background check with an insured vehicle and don’t hold negative sentiment towards your company.
    Most drivers joined Payday Advertising as a way to earn extra money each month by promoting companies and organizations they’re already passionate about.
    As part of our driver matching process, Payday Advertising runs background checks, verifies routes and miles driven for daily commutes, confirms that each vehicle meets our guidelines, and reviews driver online activity for negative opinions of your company or organization.
    Once we receive your request, search our inventory of drivers and their vehicles for the best match. Match quality is determined whether or not the ad will fit on the vehicle, ensure the make model and year of the vehicle properly represents your brand’s image, routes driven by the individual on a regular basis are in your targeted markets, and whether or not the driver has any conflicts of interest with your company. We also place a special emphasis on finding drivers that are already enthusiastic about your company or organization.
    The cost of printing and installing ads can vary per vehicle depending on the desired advertisement, then we charge by the vehicle per month. The monthly costs can start at $249 per vehicle.